Search Engine Marketing – Paid Search

Meta Media's expert Internet Marketing Analysts have the skills, intuition, and exclusive tools available to successfully generate traffic to your website and create higher visibility among top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Our strategies and marketing plans ensure that your website ranks high on top Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Why settle for appearing down pages and pages of search results when with Meta Media, your listing could appear at the top? We effectively strategize and budget to purchase key advertising space for your website in order to drive traffic, increase customer awareness, and boost sales. Higher visibility has a proven Return on Investment (ROI) and proves crucial to any business looking to increase sales and customer base.

With our Paid Search program, enjoy the benefits of having a Meta Media specialist manage the following for your website:

Our SEM experts have access to the latest, most accurate tools to help ensure proper placement of your ads online. With our Keyword Selection and Insertion program, we strive to ensure that Search Engines return your website in top Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With our Keyword Tracking, we keep up to date on the most searched terms, and continually update your ads to ensure relevance and high ranking.

Our SEM analysts here at Meta Media are not only experts in marketing, but are also professional writers, ensuring that your ad copy is creative, concise, and compelling. With very few characters available in the ad space to encapsulate your company's mission and ideals, our skilled writers utilize their creativity and skills to the fullest to ensure an eye-catching ad.

Keeping your account organized so that you don't have to, Meta Media's account managers take full control of your advertising. We stay continually up to date with your top competitors, offering full analyses on performance and usability. Meta Media knows the importance of being #1 in a competitive advertising space. Let our account managers take control of your paid search, and offer our expertise and insight into bidding. We will bid on top advertising space and keywords to ensure maximum visibility for your website. In turn, our bidding and analyses will help drive relevant traffic to your website and widen your customer base.

Leading the industry in landing page development, Meta Media's experts will ensure that your website performs to fulfill both your expectations, and those of your customers. Usability is crucial in internet marketing, and Meta Media strives to create user-friendly content and graphics that make your customers feel comfortable and satisfied.

With expert ROI analysis and conversion tracking, Meta Media lets you know what works and what doesn't. We will add tracking to your website and products to let you know which advertising ventures have driven customers to your site, and which have generated sales. Performance that you can track and measure is crucial to any successful advertising campaign, and Meta Media leads the market.

Here at Meta Media, we are not a one-time consultation firm. Nor do we build a website then leave it in your hands to maintain. Our fully trained staff of experts takes a project from start to finish. Not only do we design and build your website, but we will continually work to maintain both the content of the website as well as the advertising ventures. We will generate leads to your site, and help maintain that customer base. A full-service multimedia firm, Meta Media is fully equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to take any company to the most recognized in a given advertising space.