Datafeeds & Portals

Placing products on portals, including and, are very effective. These types of sites list your products in specific areas on their sites, allowing you to benefit from the high traffic. All transactions happen on the portal site (as opposed to your site), so a great deal of technical implementation is needed to launch these types of programs. Meta Media, Inc. has the technical expertise and experience to get your products listed quickly and efficiently.

Portals like Amazon also require specific content guidelines that Meta Media Inc. copywriters are very familiar with. We can update your current product copy to fit into each specific portal so that your listings appear without any problems.

Portals are very effective in helping you reach new customers who may go to as opposed to a search engine to find items they need. You pay a small commission (15%), for example, for the benefit of gaining access to the high amount of traffic Amazon receives on a daily basis. Please contact us to learn more.