From site design & back-end tools to marketing & advertising to tracking & analytics, Meta Media, Inc. wants to serve as your entire e-commerce team. With our years in the business – e-commerce is a specialty of ours – we can give you access to the partnerships, resources, tools and economies of scale you can't achieve in-house.

Our e-commerce services include:

Design & Usability

We can create a site from scratch or optimize your current site using key metrics, search engine optimization techniques and best practices. Your site serves as your online salesperson, so appealing to all types of Web visitors – from novice online shoppers to those who no longer shop in brick-and-mortar stores – is crucial to keeping conversion rates high. Visit our SITE page to learn more about our top-tier design services.

Back-End Admin Tool

Many e-commerce sites require constant updates to operate on a daily basis, from adding new products to changing marketing messages to updating featured items. Our e-commerce experts, who have all worked for online retailers during their careers, understand what goes into a functioning e-commerce website, and design your admin tool to make your job easier. We can also integrate with any back-end system already in place, including Ecometry, MOM and others.


Our top-level programmers are available to update your site, integrate with inflexible systems and more. We specialize in .net websites, but can work in any platform. We also provide HTML and coding services to meet your needs.


We market smarter than competitors, using data to drive decisions and spending. We're experts at launching or optimizing campaigns designed to help you acquire new customers and retain current customers. Marketing programs include:


Our team of professionals will install specific tracking to help us generate the most targeted traffic and conversions for your site. To maximize your ROI, Meta Media, Inc. uses its expertise to track visitors and their behavior patterns to get a deeper understanding of site pathways, top entry and exit pages, marketing program effectiveness and more. Meta Media, Inc. believes in tracking your marketing campaigns down to a micro level to ensure you're getting the most value for each dollar spent.

Analytics & Reporting

Meta Media, Inc. prides itself on expert analytics to enhance your e-commerce site's online and off-line marketing ventures. We create real-time reports that show you the results of your efforts, so you can see where and how every dollar is spent. Traditional Web analysis doesn't lend itself to such close, detailed reporting; but with Meta Media, Inc.'s advanced analytics system, you can immediately see your performance statistics across all areas of a campaign.

Time is critical! Let us help you increase your e-commerce revenue from both new and current customers with a complete strategic plan. Call us today at 404-917-2100 or e-mail info@metamediainc.com for more details on our e-commerce offerings.